January 13, 2007

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i volunteered to be tagged via victor’s site.

5 things you (probably)don’t know about me:

1. I am terrified of roller-coasters and hate amusement parks with a passion. Last time I went to six flags I tried to “cure” myself of this phobia by riding 3 different ones, a wooden rollercoaster that i can’t remember, the ninja, and the viper, which goes from 0 to some ridiculous spead in like 30 seconds, then you go upside down only to be shot through the same sequence at the end, but backwards. it resulted in minor cuts and bruises as I dug my knees in the back of the person’s seat in front of me on and lots of tears. Yes, this was 6 years ago, but I prefer to never go through that again.

2. I used to collect Chipper Jones’ baseball cards (’97-’99) This may sound innocent but it was quite an obsession. I had (still have) over 500 of his cards, over 10 autographs, and other various memorobilia. I could tell you everything about him, too. My family got cable so I could watch all the Braves baseball games when I was 14. Imagine a 14 year-old girl’s room with half girly, middle school-aged stuff and the other half, total baseball gear. I still get teased about it from my friends, and I don’t blame them.

3. I love music. I especially enjoy folk, indie-rock types. Alas, when you see my ipod running mix you will notice songs by the likes of Trick Daddy, Three 6 Mafia, and T.I. I like to run to rap music. It’s true. [In my defense there are many other songs I enjoy running to that aren’t of the rap genre.]

4. While many people love the movie Fight Club, it was quite disturbing to me and even after crying about it, I was depressed for a few days. I’ve tried to watch it again since this happened (freshman year of college) but I just can’t do it. Apparently I am just really sensitive.

5. I got in three car accidents in the summer of 2003. The first, I was away for the summer in Arkansas interning at a church and I had only had my new car for 5 days when I was hit at an intersection (twice by the same car) and my car was totalled. Then, after going home to get my new car, I was back in Little Rock and hit some construction zone on the interstate which resulted in lots of repairs. In August, I was home and hit a car at a local Sonic which messed up my bumper. My parents wouldn’t fix that one, I wonder why. 🙂

*not tagging anyone, so if you find that you’ve read this pretty soon after it was posted (11:30 a.m PST) then embrace the tag.


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