January 8, 2007

i usually don’t keep up with sports until the play-offs come around (i used to be a huge sports freak, and in fact it’s kind of embarrassing) and the only team i have an allegiance towards these days is playing tomorrow night. supposedly its airing in canada but i have yet to figure out what channel it will be on. my parents have the privilege of being in akron this week and will be watching the game with our family. without me. boo.

i really like ohio. mostly because that’s where i was introduced to chipotle and red robin. they also have my beloved caribou coffee (which i secretly prefer to starbucks). i usually am able to convince mom to go up to the cleveland area so i can go to beachwood place; a mall entirely to fancy for me… but i like to pretend.

ohio after vancouver? now that’s a new one to consider…

go buckeyes!


5 Responses to “tostitos!”

  1. ginger Says:

    oooh… chipotle and red robin… mmmmmm!

  2. Lacey Says:

    you know they put up a red robin in providence/mt juliet right? i went there with jeffrey and shaunna over the break. 🙂 any in dallas?

  3. ginger Says:

    actually, i’d never even heard of rr until i moved to dallas. i love their stir fry!

    maris and i saw where they’re building one in murfreesboro… exciting stuff!

    i love to eat. i think i should start listing it as a hobby.

  4. Toria Says:

    Do you know where you can also find Red Robin, Caribou coffee, and great shopping…Chicagoland! 🙂

  5. Lacey Says:

    kyle and i went and watched the [pathetic] game tonight. i won’t devote a post to rehashing the evening. but i am not a fairweather fan and will sport an OSU hoodie proudly.

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