do one thing every day that scares you.

January 3, 2007

blogging hasn’t been a huge priority while i have been home but i thought i’d at least update everyone as my time in nashvegas is coming to an end.

today i spent all my time running all over town with mom. we went to the historic downtown Franklin area and browsed the (ridiculously over-priced-yet-incredibly-funky and awesome) boutiques and random stores. as much of a city girl i am, i love downtown squares in old towns. i could almost decide to live in a small town with a square in a cute, old home with hardwood floors and lots of windows. especially when they have a starbucks within walking distance 🙂

tomorrow is my last full day in Nashville. i am spending it buying new running shoes, getting coffee with hilary, and getting coffee (again) with jeffrey and shaunna before spending the evening at home with the family.

its a perfect ending to my trip home, really.

but thinking about the fact that i won’t be back for 7 months is enough to make tears well up even as i type.

but soon enough i will settle back into vancouver and it will be okay. i will be working (hopefully) and continuing to journey with toh in figuring out this Jesus-way of living. all the while trying to figure out how this part of my story will lead me to discovering what’s next.

i have realized that the encouragement of my friends is something i have missed while in canada. more than i realized. they have a slightly better ability to be objective than the voices in my head as i ponder life, love, and other mysteries (point of grace is my roots, back off)

so, i am getting vonage. it should be up and running in a couple weeks.

and now its time to read. and for once its not a theology book. yes, thats right. i bought a biography on eleanor roosevelt last week (shaunna did as well) and secretly i am sort of scared of its 500 page length. i’ve been interested in her life for quite some time since we have similar personality types (though i am more of a champion than a counselor) and because i have always been drawn to her words (see title of post).

being the anti-goal setter that i am, i am working through my phobia of goals and actually learning a lot about myself in the process. that said, one of my pseudo-goals is to read more books that don’t have Jesus, Christian, or church in the title.

so, heres to following through on aforementioned post title…

really. here i go. 38 down, 462 to go.

and if you have any kleenex to spare over the next 48 hours, i know someone who could certainly put it to good use. 🙂


3 Responses to “do one thing every day that scares you.”

  1. jeffrey Says:

    i love ya lace, sure has been good to see you these past couple weeks. gonna miss ya these next seven months.

    btw, that is probably not he best pic of Elianore Roosevelt on the cover of that book. :-/

  2. Lacey Says:

    sadly, many people considered her unattractive. the editors could have tried to work against that instead of for it, for sure.

    having skype in/out now definitely puts a silver lining in the sky (wow that was cheesy). 7 months sounds ridiculously long. but, you better make good on coming here this summer. we have lots of hiking to do.

  3. jeffrey Says:

    lol. no doubt, we’ll make our way there somehow!

    yay for skype

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