sticks and stones… what?

December 20, 2006

tonight through really random circumstances i was reminded of something from my recent past that, though not regretful, proved to be something i went about a little carelessly. and anyways, its never fun when people take your personal experiences (good or bad, wise or unwise) and make light of them, or worse, make you feel like a mockery.

words… i am a person easily impacted by words. its funny how cutting they can be. maybe it was the fact that what i heard came indirectly, or maybe it had to do with who said them but still, words do carry so much weight and power and thats why instead of responding with my own words i had to stop. think rationally. think of consequences… just stop.

there is that stubborn part of me that just wants to bite back in an attempt to come to my own defense… but this isn’t the best way, as much as sometimes i want it to be. so, i refuse to use my words as arrows and instead i drop my bow and put my arrows down… acknowledging that there is a better way.


2 Responses to “sticks and stones… what?”

  1. shaunna Says:

    i agree. words have a huge impact…they can be sweet as honey or quite painful. i am that the latter was the case for you on this occasion, but way to exercise self-control and to let the love of Jesus take over.

  2. shaunna Says:

    uhhh, that would be “i am SORRY”…
    too much medication!!!

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