home sweet home

December 17, 2006

the party last night was GREAT! we raised over 2,600 dollars and are putting it towards a share in a water well for an african community. because we had a few extra donations at the end of the night we were also able to purchase anti-retroviral drugs for women and children. just thought i’d share that update with whoever reads this. and also i’d like to thank everyone who left their cookies, brownies, truffles, and other various goodies that provide me with constant temptation.

so i am thinking that recently i have had nothing too insightful to share here. i’m not sure why, but maybe its because some of the things i am thinking through are better processed when having conversations with good friends, even if occuring over the crackling service of skype.

then again, maybe its because i am really excited to go home and can’t really think of much else in the mean time.

here are some reasons i am excited to go home:

frothy monkey
holding my nephew
being home with the family
showing off my newly acquired cooking skills for christmas
driving my car
running with shaunna
late night talks with good friends in PERSON instead of instant messanger/e-mail/crazy skype
using my cell phone again
mexican food/baja burrito
sunshine (hopefully)
possibly roadtripping it to my college town and to memphis for a couple days

the fun begins when kristin takes me to the airport saturday morning at 3:30 a.m. yes. i typed that correctly. NAMB changed my flight 2 times since i booked the flight home and the most recently departure time is 6 a.m. and an international flight 2 days before christmas = awesomeness. i can’t really complain since NAMB covers my airfare, but my complaint is voiced nonetheless since i am not one to sleep on airplanes. but then again i will probably be so excited that i won’t care about the lack of sleep.

its not that i am unhappy here in vancouver, but going home for christmas is a much needed gift that i can’t wait to enjoy. and now, its less than a week away.

alright, back to studying (ugh, who created grad-school entrance exams?) before enjoying a meal with some fellow open house’ers at afghan horseman for andrea’s birthday. we get to eat dinner on the floor! sweet!


3 Responses to “home sweet home”

  1. shaunna Says:

    yeah!!! running!!! bring it on! can’t wait to see you!!!

  2. Lacey Says:

    ah! yesterday = worst.run.ever. maybe it was the snow. but i bet it was mostly the fact that i have been so inconsistent. i need you!

  3. ginger Says:

    what time does your flight get into nashvegs?

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