party with a purpose

December 14, 2006

With many from our community going out of town soon, we opted to cancel our large group gathering scheduled for this Sunday. Vancouver is really interesting to me; most people don’t seem to be from here. Out of the 20+ people in our group, I don’t think there is one person actually from the city limits (Kristin is from a suburb about 20 minutes away, so she sort of counts I guess). A few from our group are heading to Southeast Asia, as their parents are missionaries in that region. Some are going home to places like Ontario for their school break or to Vancouver Island to visit relatives. I am going back to Nashvegas myself VERY early on the 23rd. So basically, by next weekend you won’t find much activity from the Open Housers. In fact, I think church this coming Tuesday will be pretty low-key compared to the usual.

Now that you have all of those great details, here’s the point of my post: In lieu of our gathering we are having a party this Saturday night. Now it isn’t just any party, and in fact it has me pretty excited because its for a great cause. It’s a World Vision party and the way it works is that everyone gives anonymously towards a gift in the World Vision Christmas Catalogue. At the end of the night we pool the money and all of us decide how its going to be put to use. Depending on how much people give, we could end up having enough money to build a new home, drill a water well, furnish a classroom, buy a family a turkey farm or a dairy cow, or provide clean water and towels for families.

So if any of you are in the Vancouver area this weekend, stop by 2541 William St at 7:30 for Christmas baking and a chance to really bless a family or community in need. 🙂


One Response to “party with a purpose”

  1. urbanplanter Says:

    great post Lacey, I’m stoked too!

    In fact a guy i play hockey with really wanted to come but couldn’t so he gave me cash toward the world vision pool…so cool.

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