i need you so much closer (an ode to death cab)

December 10, 2006

death cab in seattle. amazing.

favorite parts:

being on the floor of the arena less than 100 feet away from the stage
they played Your Heart is an Empty Room
We Looked Like Giants… ben switched from guitar to a drum set + crazy light show. wow.
they played “Face that Launched 1000 Shi*s” which is the first song I heard from them 4 years ago. memories.
they dedicated a song to the I-5 travellers (julie and i were very appreciative)
they did 4 encore songs including other favorites I was hoping to hear
Jenny Lewis opened (fronter of Rilo Kiley)

i wish they had played Summer Skin, but i’m not complaining. it was incredible.


One Response to “i need you so much closer (an ode to death cab)”

  1. Toria Says:

    Hey Lace! I am glad you had fun at the concert! 🙂 Did you get the message I left on your phone? I figured you might be able to get it since you were in Seattle.

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