late night thoughts p1

December 5, 2006

God is really good at being sneaky. Rob Bell, a teacher I admire muchly, usually provides many “aha” moments for me regarding Jesus and the teachings in the Bible. but tonight i had a moment sans Rob that I wanted to share as i read over the beginning of luke’s gospel.

we know that leading up to the birth of Jesus the Hebrew people were waiting, waiting, and… waiting for their King. for peace. for righteous judgement. for the blessing Abraham’s descendents had been promised and had yet to experience, even centuries later.

lots of waiting.

Zechariah and Elizabeth are unable to conceive and the angel Gabriel visits them to tell them they will give birth to a boy who will prepare the way for Jesus.

These are godly Jews who continue to wait for God but they had waited so long that even at this announcement Zechariah was in such disbelief it was finally possible that God would make good on his promise, that he was silenced for the length of Elizabeth’s pregnancy.

so then i looked up some of the name meanings just for fun.

Zechariah: God remembers
Elizabeth: God promises
John: God is gracious
Jesus: God saves


God remembers His covenant with Abraham to bless all nations through him. God promises to bring peace and restoration to His people. God keeps His promises. God is gracious in not only removing Elizabeth’s barrenness, but in lifting the silence the Jews had know from Him for so many years. All because Jesus was coming to save.



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