that’s it

December 2, 2006

okay, that’s it.

i have never been sure about getting a pet one day when i am on my own, but i am officially sold on the idea of getting a dog now.

i was about to do some work at a coffee shop and i noticed this adorable dog outside that reminded me of my family’s old rhodesian ridgeback, but i am not sure what breed it was exactly. anyways. he was just standing outside waiting without a leash for his owner. this amazed me because he was so obediently waiting with people and noises everywhere to distract him and instead of running off, he just waited. so i start watching him wait. it was so so cute, alternating from standing to sitting, anticipating his owner’s return. i watched him respond to each person who came outside and he was friendly but it was obvious that none of the leaving customers were his owner… then i saw her come to the door and his demeanor completely changed. i am serious. it was the cutest thing i’ve ever seen and now i am convinced that i will get a dog. preferably a weinaramer from a rescue shelter that i will name piper, that will go for runs with me and walk with me to a coffee shop without a leash and wait for me to come back, with a treat of some kind for him too, of course… a muffin or a scone perhaps? 🙂

[this is me in a totaly state of idealism. this dream is probably a few years from ever becoming a reality, so don’t freak out mom and pop. i know i need to be worrying more about where i will be living and what i will be doing to earn the money to even have a dog :)]


3 Responses to “that’s it”

  1. Toria Says:

    Lacey that is a Weimaraner. My family has one named Beau! I also had another named Max growing up. They are the best dogs. I hope Kyle and I can have one someday. 🙂

  2. Alice Calvery Says:

    you are too cute.
    if i were a dog, i would want to be named Piper.
    your observations of this particular coffeeshop dog are indicators of good dog ownership…i think.

  3. Lacey Says:

    i hope so my friend who is about to join the dark side of alumni status. :)what is it? germany? missouri? jackson? world domination?

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