labyrinth as journey

November 27, 2006

i embarked upon the path set before me noticing the narrow way in which it had been paved. i found safety in my initial steps forward for there were many, many other journeyers following along the same path. after some time, i realized i was being passed by some of these, but this was okay. it was simply the way of the journey; sometimes others moved faster than you and you simply allowed it to be, never attempting to mimic them. after all, you had to set your own pace. others moved more slowly and you were to simply pass them, never forcing them to quicken their step just because you were advancing. still there were others who darted in and out of the guideposts, believing their way was better than the one so carefully laid for them. their stumbles were not cause for judgment, for i knew of my own wanderings far to well. maybe it would take them longer, maybe they’d need more help, but if they kept going, they would turn out okay.

as i journeyed along the path i noticed my steps seemed to be taking me farther away even from where i had begun. this was nothing to be afraid of because i knew i was progressing and that moving forward could at times look like moving backwards. others passed me now going the opposite direction. this was no cause for alarm, for the only way out was to first make your way completely in. so i kept moving. i observed those leading the way ahead of me and smiled at the child who continued to glance back at his father, making sure he wasn’t getting off course.

train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.

and so the child continued ahead, at his father’s assurance, full of excitement and curiousity.

i say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of God.

eventually i knew i had made it to the center and i paused to take it in. others were arriving and yet others were leaving because, you see, the center was the point from which journeying ended and journeying began; it was a journey of movement. aware of this, it was my time to move. to move out in order to be ushered back in.

i left knowing that the next time around my journey back could take less time. it could be harder. it could be more confusing. but i knew i would get there all the same. as i heard the tiny voice of the child who remained far ahead of me and the crunching of the gravel from the older woman who walked almost along side me, i knew i could at least rely upon one thing.

i would never walk the path alone.


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