more adventurous

November 16, 2006

i don’t think i’ve told many of you, but tomorrow i head to seattle for a few days. that said, many of you have my [american] cell phone number and have either:

  • had me call you from Skype only to endure the crazy static for the entire length of the conversation, pretending to hear every word i am saying [ah hem, shaunna]
  • left me messages to call you via e-mail, facebook, or my phone [which i lost somewhere in vancouver a few weeks ago and obviously had no way to know you called] and i haven’t yet. oops.
  • wanted to get in touch with me but haven’t had the chance to [its okay, i won’t hold a grudge]

so, how can you call me if i lost my american cell phone? my mom rocks and sent my friend hannah [who lives in seattle] a phone she is no longer using and had it hooked up to my account. so while i won’t be able to hear the lovely sound of Death Cab everytime my phone rings anymore, I will still be able to hear YOUR voice! while i have quite the itinerary [is anyone surprised?], i will do my best to call as many people as i can, but if you don’t hear from me, just call 🙂


  • bus ride early in the morning where i hope to get a lot of reading accomplished
  • making my way to hannah’s near UofW to get my phone [i heart transit]
  • going to visit Pike’s Market/4th avenue nearby my hostel
  • Album Leaf. heck yes.

before you think i just up and left Vancouver for no apparent reason (though shopping and Album Leaf do qualify as apparent reasons, i think) i am going to seattle to visit a certain grad school’s preview weekend. yup, the secret’s out. i am considering staying around the NW after my time in Vancouver.

when did i get so adventurous? rilo kiley would be proud.


2 Responses to “more adventurous”

  1. *thelongbrake Says:

    oh the album leaf. joy.

  2. Mom Says:

    Oh how I miss you! Your writings make me want to be there so bad. I’d need a new camera by the time i got home. Can’t wait to see you Christmas…I love you

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