November 13, 2006

i miss him, christmas can’t come soon enough.

this little guy has changed the scenery around my house. mom has become quite the amazing gramma (or whatever it is he will call her once he is talking). seeing her with him makes me less afraid to have kids one day because well, i hear stories about grandparents and since i wasn’t raised very close to either sets of my own, i wonder what my own family will be like. i think my mom is great at being a grandparent, not annoying, not clingy, not cheesy (well, not too cheesy anyways). and you all saw the awesome picture of my dad and him, right? seriously. they rock.
i can’t really remember what life was like before he came into the picture. in august when mom started watching him, i would wake up before 8 a.m. every day just because i knew he was there. and we all know that that is a major feat for me.

i won’t use my blog to go into the whole story, its a bit too personal for a space like this, but lets just say that he was a bit of a surprise and that my family went through quite the gamut of emotions as we found out we had this new baby in our lives, with no time to really get used to the idea. I don’t mind saying that i think my mom has been a huge trooper throughout the entire journey of welcoming brock into the family. she is amazing and if anyone wants to know what unconditional and sacrificial love looks like, meet my mom.


One Response to “brock”

  1. shaunna Says:

    He is soooooo cute!!!! AWWWWW!!! I must agree… Becky is wuite the trooper. And I’ve seen her with Brock…what a cool gramma!!!! The Giver of Life sure knows what He is doing!!!!

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