November 9, 2006

wednesday was a good day, here are some favorites:

a good friend from home asked me questions. you know, the type of questions that you can’t BS your way through. the type that make you look stop and look deep inside. thanks, alice. šŸ™‚ i will be getting back to you with more answers.

beginning to get to know the girls from my local faith community better. i wonder how much coffee and tea i will consume these next several months…

getting a beloved cd back. my first was destroyed some months ago. thank you,

yet another conversation; with one of my best friends, Toria, planning a whirlwind trip to Chicago to visit her (and her husband if he isn’t buried in the books) during my 2 weeks at home during Christmas.

the Death Cab tour began today. A month from tomorrow I will see them in their hometown of Seattle. I seriously think I was the first person to order tickets. honest.

ball pilates. while brian regan makes some good points, i think i like it and will get better at it… just don’t show up to watch. it will ruin my concentration as i try to sit on my knees while balancing on a huge exercise ball, all the while remembering to BREATHE…BREATHE…BREATHE…

sitting at a coffee shop with kristin, one of the pastors i work with, til 12:45 am trying to wrap my mind around a few, small words on a page. [more on this later]

being a part of this… being reminded of who the church is… mind, flesh, & spirit and not a temple made by man.


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