November 4, 2006

i heart my running shoes:

i especially heart them when i run here: (this isn’t a picture i took)

leigh (my roommate) and i ran 8 miles today. in the pouring rain. but who wouldn’t pass up a place like Vancouver’s seawall to run, even in terrible weather?

it feels good to be a runner again. let’s just hope the tendonitis stays away this time.


2 Responses to “milestone”

  1. ginger Says:

    8 miles?!?!? are you kidding me? i’m forcing myself to run because i can’t seem to stop gaining weight, but i ran 1/10 of a mile today and thought i was dying.

    but hey… gotta start somewhere, right? i mean, if i had beautiful scenery like that, i might run 8 miles too…

    love you babe.

  2. shaunna Says:

    yeah!!! that’s great! we’ll have to run when you come home for christmas! love you!

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