October 28, 2006

We still our hearts and we quiet ourselves in anticipation of the words of Jesus. For many of us we’re desperate. Others are tired. Some are exhausted. Some are filled with anger. So we come to you exactly as we are.

We have no energy left to pretend.

And our assumption today is that You want to rescue us from our exhaustion, our despair, from anything thats in the way of the life Jesus has for us. So turn us upside down, provoke us, comfort us, challenge us. We open ourselves to You.

Naked and vulnerable.

And we are asking you to speak to us in these moments. We assume Your spirit will be all over this place, all over us; teaching us, guiding us. Give us the guts to step forward and do what you would have us do. As we look at this ancient story and the Jesus who tells it, and the twists and turns He puts on it, please show us all that is going on here so we can live better.
_Rob Bell

(a pastor who is “hell bent on the healing and restoration of the whole world”… a pastor who understands that the kingdom is here, and the kingdom is the Gospel.)


4 Responses to “mhbcmi”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Lacey Says:

    no, your sleuth skills are excellent. now i have more great things to add to my library! its kind of like a game, guessing the dates… any specific ones i should download that you can recall?

  3. Herschel Says:


  4. alice calvery Says:

    oh lacey. it is SO good to read your blog. 1) because it is well written and 2) because it’s really encouraging and 3)because you update very concisely about your life for people that care about you….

    your site made me think of a Lori Chaffer song “Make No Protest”
    “So, this is the kingdom they talk about (they talk about) and fight for, and for which they die…”

    i might do that mocha club thing…
    i’m really bad about caring.
    i’d love to care more.
    guess i’ll bring my sorry butt to Jesus.

    i’m bookmarking your blog 🙂

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