Save my money for that plane ride

October 21, 2006

So my friends are in town and the weekend isn’t over but I feel the need to post what has happened so far, some directly to me:

1. clouds, cold, and rain (yes… its starting to become more frequent, but today was sunny and it promises to be that way for our hiking adventure tomorrow, as long as I am able… see note below)
2. coffee shop exploring (count so far: 5… including a visit to the first Starbucks in Seattle the day Kristin & I picked them up!)
3. shopping (I took them to some of the popular stores up here… Lush Soaps, American Apparel, Zara…)
4. me getting bitten by some type of spider or other creature at a Thai restaurant (this is a great story itself… as soon as I sat down in my chair i felt a pain pierce my leg, and aside from when I had physical therapy for tendonitis, the pain I felt was worse than any other i can recall experiencing [including when I had my nose pierced and was stung by wasps… not at the same time, but that would be a good story] I jumped up and ran to the bathroom because I honestly thought a needle had gone all the way into my leg so I was prepared for the worst… but all I had was a dark red dot and some initial redness and we found no bug [or needle for that matter] at the scene of the crime… and two days later the back of my leg is incredibly red, tender, and swollen… i may have my first clinic visit in the near future which may dampen the hiking plans… and we didn’t stay for dinner in case you were wondering.)
5. me spilling an entire bowl of curry soup on my skirt at lunch (so we ate at this awesome organic grocery store in Kitsilano called Capers and i intentionally was thinking to myself how efficient i was because, unlike Keely and Jen, i was getting my soup with a tray, so as not to further my chances of sloshing soup everywhere… as i congratulated myself on this, i leaned into my (stupid) tray and the bowl poured A lovely lady behind the counter came to me with a wet towel and wiped me down, joking that this is what she has to do for her son. I am assuming he is not 22. i walked around the rest of the day looking like i had thrown up on myself. don’t be jealous of how cool i am.)
6. painting (my roommates are amazing and told me they wanted to leave me here knowing i was more settled in and happy in my new place… so we got some paint to cover the sick & dingy cream color of my walls. We primed and did the first coat tonight [see progress in the above picture…. i love this color, its called Green Leaf]… a trip to IKEA is in the works.)

i love them being here. sunday will be a sad day. but we have one more day and let’s just hope i keep myself in one piece for it. πŸ™‚


3 Responses to “Save my money for that plane ride”

  1. Toria Says:

    Lace! I am so glad you are having a great time with Jennifer and Keely. Enjoy your last two days together. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to talk to you soon and hear about how Wednesday was.

  2. Heather Lane Says:

    Love the green!!!

  3. ginger Says:

    lush soaps, huh? you’re turning into a tree hugging hippie!

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