No words

October 9, 2006

apparently my dad owns billy-bob teeth

apparently my 7 month-old nephew Brock enjoys seeing my dad wear them…
(but seriously pop, billy-bob teeth? while napping? and letting mom actually take a picture of you wearing them? i guess being a new grandparent does things to a person…)

my mom has captured the moment quite nicely in a picture that is quite honestly the weirdest thing i have seen in a while… just when i was missing my family she sends me a picture like this to make me glad i am away… just kidding. miss you guys. 🙂


3 Responses to “No words”

  1. Toria Says:

    Your dad is so funny! I love that picture. 🙂

  2. ginger Says:

    who would have thought?!? ha ha!

    yes, i’m exploring options outside of dallas. i love it here, but i need to be open to other options. still no solid leads, but i’m keeping a couple of kids in the afternoons and working at anthropologie for a little while longer. moving in with some friends from my new church in a few weeks.

    life is crazy-spinning WAY out of control. but it’s okay because i never had control of it in the first place! i just thought i did. 🙂

    yeah, so i lived in patton 8… small world. have fun with your girls when they come to visit-i’m sure it’ll be great for you!

  3. Nae Says:

    hey! stumbled upon your blog through josh longbrake . .. .great read as I’m on a similiar adventure in BC. Just moved here from the UK to live and be a part of a community called North Langley Vineyard which is connected with Jacobs Well. Sounds like you had an awesome time down there at the Well .. ..its an amazing place. Keep goin! Nae

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